The Australian Capital Territory Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (ACTHPA) is an incorporated body in the ACT. It is both a State Association affiliated with the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA, formerly HGFA), and the primary club for free flying in the Canberra region. Here are the ACTHPA Objects and Rules as of 7 June 2016.

Committee Members

President Rene Sedlmaier0408 621 100
Vice PresidentGraham Rose
TreasurerAllister Higgins0408 608 709
SecretaryWes Kilham0420 322 040
Site Development OfficerDoug Mathie
General MemberAlex Chapman
General MemberPhil Lyng
Public OfficerPeter Lamont0407 771 075

ACTHPA Safety Committee:

Chief Flight Instructor: Rafael Esquillaro

Flight Instructor: Mike Brady

AIRS Managers: James Astley, Peter Evans, Peter Lamont

Site Guide Administrator: Doug Mathie

Senior Safety Officers:

  • PG: Matt Smith, Alistair Dickie, Phil Robinson, Shaun Archer, Mike Brady
  • PPG: Matt Smith
  • HG: Geoff Robertson, Phil Robinson

Safety Officers:

  • PG: Kris Smith, Stu McElroy, Andrew Gough, Rafael Esquillaro, Bill Oates, Belinda Head, Dave Hanna, Rene Sedlmaier, Anthony Willing, Ian Leaver, Jim Astley, Alex Chapman, Bruce March, Cameron Lawrence, Graham Rose, Jonathan Bishop, Kari Ellis, Wesley Kilham
  • PPG: Belinda Head, Dave Hanna, Mike Brady, Anthony Willing, Ian Leaver, Peter Evans
  • HG: Stu McElroy, Phil Seeley, Bruce March, Peter Evans, Peter Kupsovsky

Tandem Pilots

Pilots who currently have ACTHPA approval to conduct tandem flights from ACTHPA sites include:

ParaglidingHang gliding
Barry OliverAndrew Luton
Alistair DickiePhil Robinson
Matt SmithBrad Porter
Kari Ellis
Rafael Esquillaro
Clancy Pamment
Andrew Gough
Chris Neal
Mike Brady
William Oates
Jim Astley
Karl Texler
Antony Prehn
Phil Robinson
Stuart McElroy
Rene Sedlmaier

Life Members

Life members shall be any person who, having rendered significant service to the Association for a continuous period of not less than three (3) years and having been recommended for life membership by an ordinary resolution of the Committee, has been accepted as a life member by an ordinary resolution of the next Annual General Meeting immediately following the Committee meeting at which the resolution recommending such honour is passed. A life member shall be entitled to receive notices of and to attend and address meetings of the Association. A life member shall not vote on matters requiring resolution unless they meet the membership requirements of section 5.1 of the Constitution.

The following members have been honoured with Life Membership of the ACTHPA.

NameYear of admission
Barry Oliver August 2012
Steve FoggettOctober 2016
Phil RobinsonOctober 2016
Michael PorterOctober 2016
Michael ImholzOctober 2016
Alistair DickieOctober 2017
Matt SmithOctober 2017
Nick SiefkenOctober 2017