The ACT Hang gliding and Paragliding Association (ACTHPA) is the club for all hang gliders, paragliders and their motorised forms in the region. The region is excellent for carbon-free flying and there are some great areas for motorised flight as well. We have many excellent sites, local paragliding instructors and an active pilot community. We maintain a number of launch sites, and wind talkers in the local area to help in deciding when and where to fly.

Flying in Canberra

If it is ‘on’ then you can pretty much guarantee that someone will be out flying. If you are planning to go for a fly at one of our sites, please post a message on our Facebook group so you can meet up with others. The wind talkers provide current wind speed and direction and records this information for the previous 12 hours. The weather resources page links to useful weather information.

If you are a visiting pilot, remember to contact one of the locals prior to flying any site.

Learn to Fly

If you’re interested in learning to fly, take a look at the SAFA Schools page, and you could also join our Facebook group or come along to a club meeting to ask for recommendations.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except December and January) at the Canberra Labor Club in Weston Creek starting at 7.30 pm. At the meetings we talk about flying and put members in contact with each other. We have a strong social scene.

Recent Flights Around Canberra

These are just a few of the recent flights by club members in the ACT region.

Ken CroweLake GeorgeParagliderSwing Arcus 723.65km2020-02-16
Ken CroweLake GeorgeParagliderSwing Arcus 72.93km2020-02-16
Alex ChapmanCollectorParagliderNova Mentor 4188.18km2020-01-19
Alex BoikoLake GeorgeParagliderAdvance Epsilon 716.37km2019-12-12
Pete CohnLake George Nth Laun... - AUParagliderOzone Swift 41.20km2019-12-08
Jonathan BishopCollectorParagliderOzone Lm 6121.30km2019-12-08
Haydon GrayCollectorParagliderLm626.31km2019-12-08
Trent B?Hang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rx Pro 3.51.59km2019-11-26
Trent B?Hang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rx Pro 3.52.32km2019-11-26
Phillip RobinsonCanberra, Spring Ran... - AUParaglider6.30km2019-11-17
Phillip RobinsonCanberra, Spring Ran... - AUParagliderBgd Bgd Cure8.00km2019-10-30
Matt KinchCollectorParagliderAdvance Iota 26.60km2019-10-28
Alex ChapmanCollectorParagliderNova Mentor 439.90km2019-10-28
Phillip RobinsonCanberra, Spring Ran... - AUParagliderBgd Bgd Cure6.00km2019-10-24
Phillip RobinsonCanberra, Spring Ran... - AUParagliderBgd Bgd Cure13.50km2019-10-21
Ken CroweSpring HillParagliderSwing Arcus 72.62km2019-10-20
Ken CroweLake GeorgeParagliderSwing Arcus 72.61km2019-10-12
Ken CroweLake GeorgeParagliderSwing Arcus 718.60km2019-10-05
Jonathan BishopLake GeorgeParagliderOzone Delta 323.81km2019-10-05
Matt KinchSpring HillParagliderAdvance Iota 21.49km2019-10-01

Longest Flights in the Canberra Region

These are some of the longest cross-country flights recorded in the Canberra region. Also see the site records page for records broken down by site and wing category.

Dave MayLake George ...Hang GliderMoyes Rs3.5318.63km2010-02-01
Trent BrownCarolsHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5209.72km2008-01-27
Trent BrownLake George Nth Laun... - AUHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5195.40km2011-01-28
Igor LikhosherstovBowningParagliderNiviuk Peak 3188.80km2013-11-30
Alex ChapmanCollectorParagliderNova Mentor 4188.18km2020-01-19
Rafael EsquillaroLake GeorgeParagliderNiviuk Icepeak 7 Pro183.23km2017-01-04
Trent BrownBinalong - AUHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5164.70km2009-12-12
Rene SedlmLake George Nth Laun... - AUParagliderAdvance Sigma 10162.00km2018-02-04
Lukas VymetalBowningParagliderAxis Venus 3158.07km2013-11-30
Trent BrownCanberra, Pig Hill... - AUHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5153.10km2012-01-28
Trent BrownCanberra, Spring Ran... - AUHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rx3.5152.80km2012-11-04
Grant EdwardCanberra, Pi...Hang GliderAirborne C4-13.5140.19km2008-12-06
Trent BrownLake George Nth Laun... - AUHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5137.30km2011-12-15
Trent BrownLake George Nth Laun... - AUHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5135.30km2012-03-18
Igor LikhosherstovBowningParagliderNiviuk Peak 3131.27km2015-03-15
Lukas VymetalBowningParagliderAxis Venus 3127.53km2013-12-01
Dave MayLake George ...Hang GliderMoyes Rs3.5126.44km2010-03-11
Andrew LutonLake George Nth Laun... - AUHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5125.60km2013-11-17
Dave MayCanberra, Lake Georg... - AUHang GliderMoyes Rs4125.60km2010-12-05
Trent BrownCanberra, Pi...Hang GliderAirborne C4 13.5125.11km2009-03-01