The Honeysuckle site at Tumut provides launches for both paragliders and hang gliders.  A dedicated ramp has been built for hang gliders.  The launch is owned by the Forestry Corporation of NSW (FC) and adjoins the Red Hill State Forest.  The ACTHPA has a permit issued by the FC granting access to the site.  The landing zone is on private property.

Use of the site and granting of the permit by the FC is conditional on the development of a Site Safety Plan and adherence to a number of Activity Conditions.  These documents are linked to this page and you should familiarise yourself with the requirements of these documents and be prepared to abide by them before flying at Honeysuckle.


  • Do not drive off the marked roads or tracks
  • No smoking on launch or landing
  •  The permit does not cover events and any planned events will require additional approval from FC

The landing zone is private property and the landowner requests we stay on marked tracks only. Do not drive through paddocks. Normal farm etiquette applies, please leave open gates open, and closed gates closed.

A map of the site can be viewed on google maps by clicking on this link - Honeysuckle Site Map

Before flying at Honeysuckle, ensure you have reviewed the risk and activity rules agreed with the Forestry Corporation here - Forestry Permit Activity Conditions and Site Safety Plan.  It is a requirement of flying at Honeysuckle that you agree to abide by these conditions.