This site is closed. As of 2018-03-16, hang gliding and paragliding activities are not permitted at this site until further notice. 

The Pig Hill launch, landing and road access are all on private land. It is with the landowner's permission that we are allowed to fly from this site, so please take this into consideration when flying from here. DO NOT CONTACT PROPERTY OWNERS for access permission. If contact is required, please contact Geoff Robertson (0429 843 417) or Terri Jewell (0411 236  715) for details.

The launch is a good 20-30 minutes up the hill and requires a 4x4 for access. It is usual for pilots to meet at the LZ, then car pool to launch first along Mountain Creek Road, turning off through the gate opposite the house onto Doctors Flat Road for 4km, make a right turn onto Pig Hill Summit Road and launch is 1.5km further on. There is a map below that provides direction. Please click on this Google Map Link for directions to the LZ.

Please remember to close all gates that you have opened on the way. If you intend on a Hike & Fly, please use the same road highlighted for vehicles. Hiking straight up the face of the hill is not permitted as per the landowner's wishes!

Pig Hill Mud Map 

If it is your first time at the site, please find a duty pilot, safety officer or contact the club to have a site briefing prior to flying. The following link is some information you should be familiar with regarding the site: Pig Hill.pdf

Airspace is lowish due to the proximity of Canberra Airport.  You can have a look at the different layers on XC Planner or just click on the image below to give you an idea of the airspace restrictions.



To the north of Pig the new house has requested we do not land at this property.
This Google Maps link will show you where it is located. Also a picture below:

No landing in this area

 The red area illustrates a no flying zone at Pig Hill below launch altitude. The yellow hatched area indicates the landing paddock.

 Where not to and not to fly at pig hill