The ACTHPA is an incorporated body in the ACT.  It is both a State Association affiliated with the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA), and the primary club for free flying in the Canberra region.  A copy of the Objects and Rules can be viewed here - ACTHPA Objects and Rules - 7 June 2016


Life Members

Life members shall be any person who, having rendered significant service to the Association for a continuous period of not less than three (3) years and having been recommended for life membership by an ordinary resolution of the Committee, has been accepted as a life member by an ordinary resolution of the next Annual General Meeting immediately following the Committee meeting at which the resolution recommending such honour is passed. A life member shall be entitled to receive notices of and to attend and address meetings of the Association. A life member shall not vote on matters requiring resolution unless they meet the membership requirements of section 5.1 of the Constitution. 

The following members have been honoured with Life Membership of the ACTHPA.

Name Year of admission
Barry Oliver  August 2012
Steve Foggett October 2016
Phil Robinson October 2016
Michael Porter October 2016
Michael Imholz October 2016
Alistair Dickie October 2017
Matt Smith October 2017
Nick Siefken October 2017