Wing Type / Flying SiteSpring HillCollectorGearys GapPig HillLanyonBinalong
PG Beginner (EN-A)
PG Intermediate (EN-B)28.14 km 19/3/2016 Shaun Archer106.3 km 9/4/2013 Clancy Pamment
24.6 km 14/3/2010 Matthew Smith
30.2 km 2/3/2009 Matthew Smith12.9 km 5/7/2009 Miguel Cruz3.5 km 9/11/2008 David Scott
PG Sports (EN-C)13.3 km 6/12/2009 Barry Oliver56.7 km 8/3/2009 Barry Oliver27.46 km 27/3/2011 Alex Grieve
27.3 km 6/3/2011 Stuart McElroy
5.7 km 9/11/2008 Alexandre Grieve
PG Open (EN-D, Comp)
HG Beginner
HG Intermediate
HG AdvancedXC score 189.66 11/3/2010 Dave MayXC score 43.70 25/2/2010 Dave MayXC Score 246.99 12/12/2009 Trent Brown


Flights need to be submitted to the XC contest server and the records are open to all members of the ACTHPA.

If a member would like a flight reviewed as being an official record please request by emailing . Each month we acknowledge the winners at the club meeting and all site records to the ACTHPA website.

Checking airspace compliance

When submitting your IGC file the XC contest site will check for airspace infringements, but you may wish to check your flight log using aircheck before you submit your IGC file to the contest. 

Region Longest Flights

Dave MayLake George ...318.63km2010-02-01
Dave MayLake George Nth Laun... - AU318.60km2010-02-01
Dave MayLake George Nth Laun... - AU318.60km2010-02-01
Trent BrownCarols209.72km2008-01-27
Trent BrownLake George Nth Laun... - AU195.40km2011-01-28
Igor LikhosherstovBowning188.80km2013-11-30
Alex ChapmanCollector188.15km2020-01-19
Rafael EsquillaroLake George183.23km2017-01-04
Trent BrownBinalong - AU164.70km2009-12-12
Rene SedlmLake George Nth Laun... - AU162.00km2018-02-04
Lukas VymetalBowning158.07km2013-11-30
Trent BrownCanberra, Pig Hill... - AU153.10km2012-01-28
Trent BrownCanberra, Spring Ran... - AU152.80km2012-11-04
Grant EdwardCanberra, Pi...140.19km2008-12-06
Trent BrownLake George Nth Laun... - AU137.30km2011-12-15
Trent BrownLake George Nth Laun... - AU135.30km2012-03-18
Igor LikhosherstovBowning131.27km2015-03-15
Lukas VymetalBowning127.53km2013-12-01
Dave MayLake George ...126.44km2010-03-11
Dave MayLake George Nth Laun... - AU126.40km2010-03-11